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How is your system better than a $30/ month subscription when for $30 aboutthe.net is offering views for 75 posts and with a subscription I can read 100 for the same amount?

We offer you control over your time and money. You will not read from this website every single day of every single month, so why pay per month when you can pay per view? Choose content using previews, judge content by number of views, all before buying. Discovered you’ve read over 100 posts within a month? Use our unique author subscription type, where we give you a discounted price for 100 posts without a time limit. This will still be cheaper than the other, time-based, subscriptions.

What do I get for my money?

Legitimacy and awareness: find out who and how qualified the author is by checking the author’s LinkedIn profile before buying access to his posts. LinkedIn registration on the website is mandatory by default. Only authors approved by the website can login with their LinkedIn account.                 No exceptions.

Originality: paid content strives to be the best in order to get paid. Any author is aware that weak content (not based on multiple sources, untouched by creativity and personal experience) can only fool a reader once and ruin any following posts that might actually be better. We constantly monitor content and warn authors of accidental similarities with already published work.

Uniqueness as experienced in specific circumstances by actively involved people. For example, take these particularities in the cabbage rolls recipe: done by the Polish, with boiled cabbage leaves, and by the Bulgarians, with brined cabbage leaves, with a touch different stuffing between the two. We added chopped chorizo inside the stuffing, making it a unique recipe in its own right. A world of difference in taste.

Objectivity: no advertising, no “recommended” products/vendors, affiliations. Never.

Personal recognition: by sharing a post you’ve read, you are showing the interests you have, professionally and personally, thus hinting at your skills and qualifications. You’re also indicating a knowledge level through the content’s depth and quality. These aspects will enhance portraying and promoting your image and status in front of employers, colleagues, peers, social environment. All these invaluable effects are for just 0.40$.

Why can’t I post comments on articles?

A comment, by definition, is subjective and this is not a forum. Comments can alter the value, as the information in the posts must be adapted to the reader’s environment. Results may not be as in the author’s experience due to the circumstances of this alteration. This has nothing to do with the quality of the material.

I’ve paid for viewing one post and found the content disappointing, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds due to the very low price we’ve set; if that author is below or beyond your interests, stop accessing any of his/her/their content.


How does this website define an accredited credential and significant achievements?

An accredited credential is obtained via a third-party examination, such as Pearson Vue, or it is issued by an official institution, such as a college or university. For our standard, as an example, a certificate obtained after finishing a course, such as LinkedIn certificates, is not an accredited credential.

Significant achievements are including and not limited to published works, 500+ LinkedIn followers, ten or more written recommendations. 

What makes this site better than others for submitting my work?

Aboutthe.net is the first and only website directly and instantly paying authors. No % fees, no charges: in a matter of hours, every single cent goes into your PayPal or Stripe account, however many times you want to withdraw daily. We have, at the bottom of this page, summarized how other websites pay their authors: none pay instantly and none pay a fair share.

We’re also one of the few websites offering the opportunity to promote yourself, your website and your own social channels within your published content.

How are you promoting my content?

We’ve integrated the best SEO. We’ve hired a marketing agency. We are using all the social media tools available to promote the website. Still, ultimately, it is the net of readers, the word of mouth that will best promote your work. The better the content, the more readers it will attract.

Why is the price so low?

This is a reader-oriented website, so the price has to be affordable. It is the number of views, not the price, that will generate value.

If you pay 90% of the selling price, how does the website make money?

We are not and will not be relying on advertising at all to financially support the website. Advertising destroys the reader’s experience primarily by redirecting attention from the author’s work. Although we have privately invested thousands into the build, aboutthe.net has to self-sustain ongoing marketing and maintenance. As the author relies on the cents from readers to fund his work environment and creativity, so does the website for hosting, security, marketing, and paying the editorial team. So, yes, we have to survive from the $0.04/per view and, though we encourage a lot of content, we will not compromise on quality or decency.

Are my earnings safe?

PayPal-safe and Stripe-safe, because the earnings can be instantly withdrawn into your PayPal/Stripe account, with unlimited daily access. However, the amount of time to transfer from your PayPal/Stripe account to your bank varies-up to 7 days, depending on the country you’re in, the age, history and ID verification status of your Paypal/Stripe account.

What can I post?

Rules of engagement are also detailed in our terms and conditions, but the main aspects are that we will not tolerate anything even remotely related to pornography, the misuse of drugs, alcohol and weapons, politics, discrimination of any kind. No exceptions.

As examples:

We accept adult content with a border limit before explicitly detailed nudity and sexual acts, if it meets all these criteria: justifiable by category nature (i.e., erotic literature, sensual photos), expressed in a reasonably decent manner (such as 50 Shades of Grey or Aphrodite), stays within legal limits and it is marked as adult content. We will not accept any explicit nudity and sexual acts for financial gain.

We accept content referring to drugs and alcohol: only, for example, as in a post about how to fight addiction; we will not accept content referring, implying or insinuating any form of drugs and alcohol misuse.

We do not accept any political content other than historical= at least 25 years old.


What does a reader get here for his $0.40 per view?

Here are a few benefits:

First job, no experience? Get it from understanding our use-cases, a better value through author’s context and opinion.

Learning something? Choose from our authentic authors’ path to success, saving money, time and benefiting from their advice.

Got a problem to solve? Browse through our database. There will be a similar situation with an adaptable answer you can trust by checking in the author’s profile.

Want to find out what future chef’s will be cooking, engineers will be inventing, artists will be creating?

We are a gathering a continuously expanding variety of content to appeal to all interests. Here are a few examples:

unique recipes from all over the world, as their mothers’ make it

constructive ideas that only need public validation to turn into unbelievable gadgets: Star Trek’s “communicators” inspired the flip phones produced thirty years later; K.I.T.T., the supercomputer autonomous car- today’s Tesla.

stories that only need a supportive public discovery and boost to make Fifty Shades of Grey go deeper and breath harder (or vice versa, all of them) or have Lord of the Rings kneeling with astonishment.


Unearth the diamonds in you. All you need is an active LinkedIn account, significant achievements or an accredited credential in your field to become an aboutthe.net paid author.

Taking the first step into a new career or another into a successful one? Showcase your potential through whichever media type suits you best. We are offering the only true and objective measurement of your skills and talent: paid public appraisal.

Passed an exam and have a ton of notes from studying? Others like you will want to view them here, as it’s first-hand experience that will help them save time and give you more value out of the time spent on them.

Discovered a new, better way of resolving an issue, improving a method, creating a product? Validate it here and strengthen your professional profile by showing the technical writing skill essential in any career.

Writing a book or a blog, striving to become an author or a creative content writer? Maybe a photographer or a talented painter with a museum worth of work? Show publishing houses or website owners you’re worth $0.50 to $1 per word. Show agencies how the peaks of your portfolio are attracting a responsive, genuine audience.

Got a project your employer is reluctant about? Show that a thousand people thought it worth their cents.

Are you a gym enthusiast with a proven method? Don’t just share it with friends, have both you and the world benefit from it.

Are you a piano player with a lot of active listeners? You will be paid per each view of each play.

All your published work will not only be protected by the intellectual property copyright law, but also by our regular updates to UK Copyright Services. We will serve, free of charge, as witness in any claim against plagiarists: for example, a third-party statement for claims of back-dating content on your own website.

Paid views prove that one thousand people enjoyed your content or that one hundred came back ten times to pay for it. Keep your content at over 200 views/month and we will give you a permanent status.

Our author recruitment process ends in December and only those above this threshold, with constantly viewed content will remain.

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