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            Our authors are the knots of the main concept behind this website is that readers and authors are entwined, lines and knots relying on each other, sharing a mutually beneficial vision about the common interests that brought them together, like a fishing net, on this website.

Here’s what this prestigious editor we hold in high respect-Nina Marshall- had to say about us:

This site has phenomenal potential. It’s creators are dedicated to providing high-quality content from notable authors whom readers would be happy to support. It’s an innovative platform of integrity, refreshingly free from the trappings of advertisements cluttering the pages. It might also prove, in time, to serve as a networking platform for like-minded individuals to connect and mutually enhance their knowledge and expertise. The promise of quality control is a big plus as well.

Nina Marshall’s LinkedIn profile here

Albert’s review was heart-warming:

I’ve always loved reading and writing, so much that, at 11, I’ve won a local competition with a story quite alike Kenneth Grahame’s- “The Wind in the Willows”. Later on, I fell in love with the English language through  Bon Jovi, Celine Dion and, 15 years ago, when I came to the UK, Wilbur Smith and Cornwell completed my all-time favourites list and inspired me to publish my own book. Now, that I got the chance to validate my knowledge as a network engineer and help others with it, I’m heart and soul with this website. I took the long, costly-both in money and health- road into IT; I won’t let others do the same if I can do something aboutthe pitfalls and misleading information on it. All my twenty cents’ worth will go into marketing The birth of the kingdomwhere I lived all the evenings and weekends of over three years. The vote of confidence that I’m getting here from views is fuelling my ambition to finish “Undefeated”, the trilogy that this book is a part of.   

Albert Coman’s LinkedIn profile here

Let’s hear RazGe’s story, an unique boost of confidence:

By profession/vocation, I am a web developer. I’m married to Java and look after our children, html and css. By nature, I’m a bit of a rebel: I’m keener on unusual, out of the ordinary tasks rather than expressing the height of a skill in the traditional way. As an example, I am better at creating a few lines of code that will enable a new functionality than I am at having the discipline and patience to write the code that will integrate that functionality in a project. Here’s why I joined

A client of the company I first started to work for as a developer wanted a specific combination of reactive bulleted points with images and data tables. Right down my alley, I felt like a toddler splashing about in a plastic pool at his grandma back garden. Job done, customer happy. Yet, on this occasion, instead of leaving the code on github for others to fork and enjoy, I went against my nature and developed it into a fully functional, completely adaptable, finished product: almost redefining the notions of left-right click. I thought: “Sometime, this might be useful to someone.” I shared it with a colleague, and he said: “Nah, looks cool, but there’s no practicality to it.” Later on, he eased his way into a lead project developer position by selling himself as the creator of my product.

What if I had this on a dedicated, custom-designed, public platform, evaluated by others, quality-ranked by a number of views? Maybe I’d even get, rather than a pat on the back, some material compensation. Maybe I would have been noticed by other companies needing that product, a similar one or just the power of creating a complete asset. Maybe a developer team might have been lacking my skill-set or just another brain thinking in the same direction. Maybe my life would have changed, not my colleague’s. I looked around the office and realized everyone has a voice, strives to make a difference, apply a brain-print to accumulated knowledge, enabling them to say: this is me, this is how I do this, this is my contribution to my field, this is the best of what I can do and how I add to the big story. Ultimately, everyone would like to know just how much recognition, usefulness and reward a specific work deserves. I was invited to I’m not looking any further.

Raz Georgescu’s LinkedIn profile here.

          The website concept is as simple as Raz’s story is: the fighting corner of the ones who want to add their words to the main sentence, who are aware of their potential and able to uniquely express it. The fighting corner that pays to keep the fight alive. Be it a chef who poached an egg in pastry, a network engineer who wrote a script to check vpns’ DPD on multiple ports, the photographer who got a stunning result with double exposure of a mirrored shot, aboutthe is where they showcase their creativity.

People want to hear aboutthe personal experience, how it came to be and what value it has added, personally and professionally. Any general concept applied to a defined environment will be enriched, becoming a new one through that experience. is the opportunity to give that circumstance-altered concept back to the community and be rewarded by the community, empowering an author to create more and empowering a reader to upgrade his vision about that concept: empowering knowledge ©.

When the SKILLED-IN© examination platform will be ready, that knowledge will be validated by a board of accredited peer professionals. Then the creativity, hard work and inspiration will get SKILLED-IN aboutthe things known and loved best.

When CMC chefs will say: how did he get that flavour? When CCIE engineers will say: why didn’t I think of that config? When BIPP photographers will say: that light can’t belong in a photoThen the skill certified by them—the flavour, the config, the lightwill open doors, seal contracts, offer jobs, boost careers.

Aboutthe is designed to promote these skills, to give them a growth foundation and a timeline for employers, colleagues, industry peers to track it. This website shows all about the passions, hobbies, interests, discoveries, present and future projects, successes and failures of people like our readers. We strongly encourage our readers to become our authors because we believe everyone has a creativity spark, just waiting to be ignited.

The editorial team, apart from being close friends who believe in this project, are professionals who have achieved their career goals, made significant contributions and are in the fighting corner, knowing the struggle to stand apart, contributing to the website because of its hardships. The editorial content is a common effort aiming for the platform to get the credit and the financial benefit its members would get. They’re all registered as paying readers to help authors gain traction and confidence.

The authors team, however, is in its inception: we’ve sent hundreds of invitation letters. In the course of the next two months, we will select a maximum of fifty authors. Quality doesn’t come from numbers, but from an innate sense of purpose and legacy beyond our mortality, from creating a mark, a reference point. We are seeking based on three criteria: talent wanting to be heard with a literate voice to do so, value—adding content, financially worth reading, and passion to put a message in a format that can captivate any audience. We are selecting based on quality-public feedback expressed by the number of views, discipline-frequency of posting, and most of all, originality. All posts should be unique in definition, form, message, functionality.

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