>>The FREE DATABASE for companies to assess how their PAID recruitment services are delivered. >>The BUSINESS CARD with which recruitment agencies negotiate contracts. >>The SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL with which a recruiter negotiates his worth. >>The genuine feedback evaluating the two ASPECTS RETURNING VALUE to companies: THE SCORE: updating live with each vote. THE RECRUITER: 3.000 names, updating daily.
Over three thousand records, updating daily.
The votes are given directly by the candidate or the job seeker who spends $0.50 for five votes to express an opinion about five vital aspects of the recruitment service or lack of them. Votes are anonymous because the candidate or job seeker’s identity needs protection for future roles. The voters must register here with a valid email address to which a login password will be sent. Votes are paid for at $0.10 each, minimum buy $0.50. A user can buy and apply any number of votes to any recruiter. Votes are not refundable or transferable.
Recruiter not on our list? Email us in strict confidence the name and link to the profile-LinkedIn or other- and we’ll add them in.
The database is  FREE TO ACCESS and the names come from dedicated sites such as and not limited to LinkedIn, Indeed etc. Press here to access. 

The criteria are qualified, dedicated, informed, follow-up, fair-play and “none of these”.

SCORECRUITER is calculated as the total of votes in the first five criteria minus the total of “none of these” criteria, divided by five and by multiplicator.                                                                                                                            RATIO is calculated as how much, in percentage, is “none of these” compared to the total of the other votes, divided by that total and divided by multiplicator.                                                                                                                  The multiplicator is chosen for the total of the first five criteria. It is one for tens-since 1 in 10 is 10%, ten for hundred-because 10 in 100 is 10% and so on: 100 for thousand, 1000 for tens-of-thousands.


JD has 100 votes in the five criteria and 10 of  “none”: a total of 110 votes, which gives a multiplicator of 10. For JD’s Scorecruiter, 100 minus 10 equals 90, divided by first 5 criteria and the ten multiplicator results in 1.8.

JD’s performance rate-his Scorecruiter– of 1.8 means that for every 1.8 engagements (email, phone call) he has, he will likely score 9 votes out of ten possible. First engagement will bring five votes and the second- only four► meaning he did not have a vote in one of the five criteria. Without ever looking at this database, JD’s 1.8 Scorecruiter will always mean that one of two engagements has lacked one of five criteria. IF JD didn’t have 10 “none of these” votes, he would have had a Scorecruiter of 2: for every 20 engagements-20 x  first five criteria; for every 60=300 good votes.          The higher the Scorecruiter, the better and representing more votes.
JD’s RATIO: the 10 none votes represent 10% of his total of 100 others, so ten. The 100 other-good votes- divided by their multiplicator of 10 gives 10 again. The first 10 divided by the last 10 is 1. JD’s RATIO is 1.Of course, should his 10% percentage of none change, his ratio will improve. This ratio of 1 means that JD, currently, is likely to get onenone of thesevote for every other 10, ten of “none” for every 100, etc.  The lower the ratio, the better.
JANE, recruiter at THAT-COMPANY LTD.
...I've placed 500 people this month, my SCORECRUITER is 3.12 on over 15.000 votes with a RATIO of only 0.192...Thanks to all my new five hundred friends.
What can I say? My SCORECRUITER is carved in stone, steady at 4.0 for over a semester and almost no RATIO-0.03 !!!. Twenty thousand people believed in me to put bread on the table.

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